studio 2

This studio is ideal for many projects, including pre and post production, programming, song development, vocals, overdubs, voiceovers etc. We run the latest Pro Tools and Cubase systems alongside a 64 channel fully automated mixing desk, TC, Neve and TLA preamps, and a wealth of effects, plugins and software; including Wavelab, Reason, Waves, Autotune, Native Instruments for all your mixing and mastering needs. We also have a huge array of sounds and samples, plus hard and soft synths.

Studio 2 is adjoined by another acoustically treated live room, with the exact same equipment available as the larger live room, except for the piano. This room has has a tight and controlled sound, making it ideal for vocal overdubs, broadcast recording, cranked up guitar amps, and much more! This live room is permanently tie-lined to the Studio 1 live room, increasing possibilities for separation while recording in either studio.


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