studio 1

This studio consists of a specially designed control room, with soffit Genelec monitoring, to provide a truly reliable listening environment. This studio also houses a fully automated mixing desk / controller. Outboard and preamps are by Neve, Avalon, Focusrite, Valley People, DBX, Digidesign, and TL Audio. All served by the latest Pro Tools HDX system, running from a Mac Pro and with a vast array of plugins; including Waves, Autotune and many more. We also run the latest Logic Pro, Cubase Pro and Wavelab systems in Studio 1.

Studio 1 is served by a large, acoustically designed and extremely versatile live room, for any live recording requirements. We have a wide range of pro microphones, Neumann etc, to suit all requirements, and a fantastic fully-restored Bechstein upright piano. We also have a great range of amps, guitars, drum kits, fx, percussion and other audio oddities which can be made available for any session. This live room is permanently tie-lined to the Studio 2 live room, increasing possibilities for separation while recording in either studio.


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