Here at Airtight we offer a full range of music production and song development services. If you're a singer or singer-songwriter who has words and melodies but needs music to go with them, give us a call - we can provide musical backing to all your songs; whether it be hip hop beats, simple guitar/piano accompaniments or full song arrangements. We can handle any style - hip hop, RnB, pop, rock, indie, folk, dance, jazz and classical. Our producers can cover all genres. We are all experienced and flexible musicians ourselves, so you can be sure we can provide whatever sort of musical input you might need.

Our Studio 2 is designed specifically with this in mind. It offers fantastic facilities for production, beats and backing track creation. The state-of-the-art facilities mean that backing track creation, live recording (vocals etc), mixing, mastering can all be done in the same studio, and presented in any format you require. We have a team of in-house producers with years of experience in composing and recording music for top bands and solo artists, as well as Film, TV, Soundtracks, Computer Games, Adverts, Commercial albums and Promotional videos. In addition, we have a large range of talented session musicians we can call on, if required.

Airtight can do production and song development together with you at the studio, or we can do it for you remotely, which often means faster turnaround and lower costs. Please ask for details.


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